Modify SQL Startup Parameters via Registry

I had need to migrate an entire sql instance from iSCSI disks to SMB shared storage. There are multiple options for actually migrating the user databases, and there is a lot of information on moving the system databases. Here’s a good link on the walkthrough Just make sure you know the correct names of you system database files (like master.mdf, mastlog.ldf, etc).

The one issue I got hung up on is changing the service startup parameters. All of the Microsoft documentation says to do this via SQL Server Configuration Manager, however my nodes were running server core and I didn’t have a remote connection available to use Computer Management and the SSCM component of it. Through a lot of google searching, I found the easiest way to change the startup parameters was to do it in the registry via:


SQLArg0: -d<path to master database>

SQLArg1: -e<path to error log folder>

SQLArg2: -l<path to master database log file>

I also had two trace flags enabled

SQLArg3: -T8295

SQLArg4: -T4199

Modify those, then start the services, and you should be golden.

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